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Newsletter (Januar 2021)

Dear member of the Skoonunity!

New year, new luck, they say, and all good things come in threes. We at Skoonu say: Hope this last!

The third big lockdown put a spanner in the works and we have to be patient until we can resume our usual everyday life.

If you run out of ideas for your own cooking recipes at home or if you finally want to eat from the restaurant again, we would be happy if you order from one of our partner restaurants and the dishes are delivered in Skoonu crockery. 

There is nothing better than being cooked for. After all, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Even culinary trips to distant countries are possible thanks to the dedicated Skoonunity, without packing your bags and leaving the house. Gourmets who are on the go every day will find numerous take-away options within the list of restaurants that cooperate with us.

You can find our partner restaurants on the app or at What are your experiences with Skoonu? How are you using the app? Let us know what you like very much and how we can still improve! Your opinion is important to us. Please send your feedback to 

Have you already told your friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues about us? The more people order through Skoonu, the less crap is caused by food deliveries. Together we can do it - restaurants - customers - Skoonu - the Skoonunity stick together and enjoy sustainably.

We are happy to invite you to visit us on our social media pages. You can find us on Facebook at skoonu and on Instagram at @skoonuvienna, where visitors and likes are very welcome.

We look forward to receiving your feedback. Stay healthy and get through this extraordinary time safely.

Best regards, 

Your Skoonu team