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What is Skoonu?

Skoonu is a sustainable and reusable tableware system for the catering industry, that aims to avoid plastic packaging involved in takeaways and food deliveries.

With the Skoonu app, you can achieve that in no time and receive your food in stainless steel containers instead of plastic!

Which restaurants are part of your network?

Luftburg, Baomi, Velani, Elena's Choice and many more...

For a complete list of all the places you can order or pick up your food in Skoonu reusable dishes, check out the Skoonu smartphone app. In the app, you can easily search for restaurants in your area or view them on a map. You can also see where you can pick up or order food and where you can return your dishes here. 

Why is my favorite restaurant not included?

We also ask ourselves the same question... We would be happy if you let us know which restaurants you would like to use Skoonu. Please use the contact form on our homepage to contact us.

We will then contact your favorite locations and introduce Skoonu to them.

New places are always presented in the news section of the Skoonu app, so you can discover new places and know immediately when your favorite places offer Skoonu. 

How do I get to the Skoonu app?

You can download the Skoonu app for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store and install it on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

The links to the different stores can be found on our homepage. 

How does ordering work with Skoonu?

Order your food as usual, either by phone, or via the website of a restaurant or food delivery service like Mjam or Lieferando.

With the TAN button in the main navigation of the app, create a transaction number (TAN). For delivery services, simply write this TAN and the word "Skoonu" in the comment field of the order so the restaurants know you're a Skoonu user. If you're ordering directly by phone or email, simply give the TAN by phone/email.

This way the restaurant knows to deliver your order in Skoonu reusable packaging. 

Can I order food online and have it arrive in Skoonu?

Of course! Simply generate a transaction number (TAN) in the Skoonu app and enter it in the comment field of the desired delivery service and write "Skoonu".

This way, the catering company will know that your order should be prepared and delivered in Skoonu. 

I received an error message in the app. What should I do?

The error messages usually indicate what is wrong. Please read the error message and follow the tips in it.

Check if your internet connection is working e.g. open any web page in your Safari or Google web browser. If you can't view any web pages, then your mobile data connection or WLAN is probably not working.

If you have problems logging in to the app, please check if you have entered your email address and password correctly and try again.

If an error still occurs, just try again a few minutes later.

If you still have a problem that you can't solve yourself, please send us an email at and briefly describe the problem. We will be happy to help you! 

How does the app work?

It is very easy

  • Download the Skoonu app

  • Generate a TAN

  • Tell the restaurant your TAN and enjoy your meal

In the app, the most important thing is the TAN button in the main menu bar of the app.

With the TAN button you can create a transaction number (TAN), which you give to the participating restaurant. This way you can be sure that you receive this order in Skoonu dishes. If you order your meal via the website or app of a restaurant, simply enter the TAN as a comment, e.g.: Skoonu 5483. 

The created TAN is valid for 15 minutes. If it is not confirmed by the restaurant within this period, then this TAN expires and you would have to request a new TAN.

On the homepage of the Skoonu app you can see the current status of your Skoonu order in real time.

When your food is delivered, you confirm the takeover of the dishes via the app. The return is also handled via the app.

In the app menu "Return", you can enter how many dishes you want to return.

Enter the TAN created in the restaurant where you want to return the dishes.

You can also return dishes of your friends and colleagues. To do this, confirm the TAN that your colleague created on his app in the "Accept" menu item, and the dishes are transferred to your virtual account and can be returned by you to a return point. 

How do I delete my user account?

To delete your account, please send an email with the subject "Delete account" to

Please make sure that you send this email from the email address that you registered with Skoonu. Otherwise, for privacy reasons, do not perform any actions on your user account. This is for your own security. 

How much does Skoonu cost?

Skoonu is free for customers!

The Skoonu app registers how many dishes you have taken from locations and how many you have returned.

You have 21 days to return the dishes to a Skoonu partner.

If you do not return dishes to a Skoonu return point or one of our gastronomy partners within the time limit, you will receive an invoice to pay for the unreturned Skoonu packaging. 

What happens if I don't return the dishes?

If you have lost your dishes or do not want to return them for other reasons, we will charge you €5 (Small), €7 (Medium), €12 (Large), €18 (X- Large) per dish that you do not return within 21 days, depending on the size and number of containers. 

What happens if I break the Skoonu dishes?

If the dishes have been damaged due to improper use, we will charge you € 12,00 including VAT (per damaged dish = bowl including lid). This is the same in case of loss.

How is Skoonu financed?

Instead of disposable packaging, the participating restaurants are regularly supplied with cleaned reusable tableware by Skoonu. This saves them from having to buy disposable plastic packaging and saves us all from the waste this causes. For this service, the respective restaurant pays a fee per transaction to Skoonu. 

Where can I return my Skoonu dishes?

In your Skoonu app, you can see all the return stations near you on the map. You will also find all the important details, such as opening hours and contact details, etc. of the participating restaurants and delivery companies here. 

Can I also buy Skoonu dishes?

If you like our dishes so much that you would like to keep them, you can of course buy them for your own use.

Skoonu is perfect as a snack box for school or university, for your lunch in the office or simply for snacks in between.

A Skoonu container costs: €5 (Small), €7(Medium), €12 (Large), €18 (X-Large) -incl. VAT. 

Do I have to clean the dishes before returning them?

We ask you to either briefly rinse or wipe out the dishes after use.

It is not necessary to wash the dishes yourself in the dishwasher. Our sustainably operated washing facilities meet all requirements for ecological and hygienic cleaning and reuse, and so do the restaurants that clean 

Can I also use Skoonu without a app?

The free Skoonu app is full of advantages. On one hand, it allows you to inform the selected restaurant that you are an authorized Skoonu user and, on the other hand, you do not have to pay a deposit for the reusable tableware.

Since the system is based on good networking with all partners, Skoonu works exclusively through the free app. 

Why is reusable tableware better for the environment than disposable tableware?

In Vienna alone, 100 million disposable packages are used every year, each for a very short period of time before they end up in the trash.

Our tableware can be reused more than 100 times. Only then is it discarded and reused as a valuable raw material for the manufacture of high- quality products.

Modern washing facilities and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, such as those we use, also guarantee low energy and water consumption in the washing processes and meet the highest hygiene requirements. 

What material are Skoonu boxes made of?

The lid is made of polypropylene (PP) and a replaceable sealing ring made of silicone, free of harmful plasticizers such as BPA (bisphenol A). The container is made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel - the advantage of using this is, it is recyclable even after we dispose it. 

Advantages of stainless steel

  •  Resistant to strong detergents

  • Scratch and abrasion resistant - so germs don't stand a chance Odorless and tasteless

  • Food safety (no transfer of harmful substances to Food)

  • High recyclability of stainless steel

  • Visually appealing Unbreakable 

How are Skoonu dishes cleaned?

Skoonu dishes are cleaned in a dishwashing facility in the second district, packed in reusable boxes and delivered to partner businesses on electric cargo bikes.

The electricity for the washing plant and the charging of the cargo bikes is sourced from green electricity.

The amount of water consumption for 1,000 dishes (including lids) is just under 200 liters. By way of comparison, standing under the shower for just 10 minutes alone, will use up around 150 - 180 liters of water. 

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Can I order food through the Skoonu app?

Skoonu is not a restaurant or a food delivery service.

Simply order your food however you like - either directly at your favorite restaurant by phone, email or via the website of the restaurant or your preferred delivery service.

With the TAN button in the Skoonu app, create a transaction number (TAN), with which the restaurant can ensure that you are a Skoonu user and so, your order will be packed in Skoonu dishes.

We provide the ecological packaging to the restaurants and thus help to avoid waste and to save resources (raw materials, energy, water, etc.). This contributes in many areas to make all our lives more sustainable and conscious and overall, protects the environment.